Free Admission
The following visitors are entitled to free admission:
  • young persons under 18 years of age, from non-EU countries, with current identification card or passport to confirm age,
  • students from Higher Education Institutions and Tour Guide Training Institutions, from EU countries, with current student identification card or International Student Identity Card (ISIC) ς,
  • employees of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Fund of Archaeological Proceeds, presenting their professional id card. 
  • ΙCOM and ICOMOS cardholders,
  • tour Guides with professional license,
  • teachers accompanying children of primary, secondary and higher education group visits.  
  • members of museum and archaeological non profit organizations  associations, holders of relevant member card.  
  • personnel of the antiquity smuggling fighting police department,
  • οfficial guests of the Greek Public, with  the permission from the Ministry of Culture,
  • free admission card holders,
  • visitors with disabilities (67% or more) from EU and non-EU countries and person accompanying them, with disability certificate by the Health Ministry or public sector medical report, clearly indicating disability and its percentage,
  • parents of large families, (four or more children) if all of their children are up to 23 years of age or 25 years of age if they study or fulfill their military obligations and regardless of age if they have a disability, holding the necessary certification from the Supreme Confederation of Multi-Child Parents of Greece. Also, parents of three children families, if their children are up to 23 years of age or 24 years of age if they study and regardless of age if they have a disability by showing a  municipal certificate of family status. 
  • single parents households with children up to 18 years old, by showing a relevant municipal certificate of family status. In case of divorce, only the parent who has the children custody.  
  • unemployed citizens, with identification card and current unemployment card,
  • solidarity card holders,
  • journalists holders of relevant id card,
  • members of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, and relevant EU national Chambers, holding a relevant member card

In order to obtain the free entrance card, the beneficiaries should contact the offices of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu at the Old Fortress of Corfu (tel 26610-48310), presenting the respective certificates proving their title or status and two color photographs, in order to be able to submit the necessary application.

Vraila 1, Τ.Κ. 49100, Corfu, Greece
τ +30 26610 30680 f +30 26610 47951
Opening hours:
From November 1st, 2019 until March 31st, 2020:
Everyday, except Tuesday, 08.30-16.00

General admission: 6€, Reduced: 3€
From November 1st, until March, 31st the reduced price of the single ticket applies independently to all visitors.

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