Inscribed grave stele of Arniadas

Oblong stone funerary stele, found in 1846 near the tomb of Menecrates. It bears a four verse inscription written boustrophedon in Homeric hexameter. The inscription refers to the heroic death of the warrior Arniadas, who was killed at a battle on the bank of the river Arachthos in ancient Amvrakia (modern Arta). 

It is dated to the early 6th c. BC.

σᾶμα τόδε Ἀρνιάδα· χαροπὸς τόνδ᾿ ὄλε–
σεν Ἄρες / βαρνάμενον παρὰ ναυσ–
ὶν ἐπ᾿ Ἀράθθοιο ρhοϝαῖσι, / πολλὸ–
ν ἀριστεύ{τ}οντα κατὰ στονόϝεσαν ἀϝυτάν.

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