Pediment with a symposium scene

The preserved part of the pediment consists of two slabs with a total length of 3.60 m. It bears a depiction
of a symposium scene in relief, where two symposiasts are lying on a couch, facing towards the centre
of the pediment. The bearded man, in mature age, wearing an animal skin on his back, is identified 
as Dionysus. The younger symposiast, depicted beardless and naked, is possibly Oinopion, son of Dionysus,
or Hylos, son of Hercules. Both figures hold drinking vessels in their right hands: the youth holds a kylix, whereas the figure identified as Dionysus holds a rhyton in the form of a horn, often used as a wine drinking cup in symposia. 

In front of the couch lies a small table, under which a lion is depicted with its head turned towards 
the spectator. On its left, underneath the feet of the younger figure, a standing dog is depicted, walking
to the right. The presence of dogs in symposia was quite common. They were called «τραπεζήες κύνες»,
i.e. dogs which cleaned the floor of the food remains. 

Finally, a large krater is situated to the left of the dog, a vessel indispensable for symposia, where ancient Greeks used to mingled water with wine.

Τhe pediment was discovered in 1973, in the course of construction works in a plot owned by T. Giovanis located in the Kanoni area. During the salvage excavation which followed, there were also discovered two statue bases of a kouros and a kore as well as a large altar with lots of animal bones.

The finds from the excavation as well as the representation of the pediment suggest that there was
a sanctuary in the region, possibly dedicated to Dionysus, and thus support the historical testimony
of Thucydides, who mentions a temple of Dionysus within the city.

The pediment is dated to ca 500 B.C. 

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