Private life

In Corcyra, as in the other Greek cities, the 'oikos' (household) represented a fundamental social and productive unit. 

In this particular section of the exhibition, finds coming from the various salvage excavations, which have been carried out in house complexes of the city offer to the visitor a multidimensional picture of the Corcyrean household from the Archaic to the Roman era.

Architectural elements as well as portable equipment of the houses reveal a wide variety of daily activities, whereas through special categories of finds specific groups of the 'oikos' emerge, such as the women who were mainly responsible for the 'internal works and caretaking' and the upbringing of children.

Antefix with relief decoration of Medusa. 4th c. BC
Cooking pot with lid. 2nd half of the 2nd c. BC
Brazier (terracotta portable hearth). Hellenistic - Roman period
Marble mortar. Roman period
Figurine of kourotrofos (woman holding a child)
Pyxis (vessel for keeping jewelry or cosmetics). 7th-6th c. BC
Handle of a mirror. 6th-5th c. BC
Head of a female figurine. Hellenistic period
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