According to ancient sources as well as to excavation finds, Corcyreans worshipped many deities in their city. Artemis and Hera held a central position within the Corcyrean pantheon, whereas the cult of Apollo, Dionysus, Demeter, Poseidon, Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite and the Nymphs were also popular. Ceremonies were also held for some heroes, such as Alcinoos, Hercules, the Dioscouroi, Aristaeos and his daughter Makris. 

At the museum's collection there are displayed objects from cult places in the city, such as the sanctuary of Hera Acraea and that of Corcyrean Apollo in the Mon Repos estate, as well as from sanctuaries found in other sites on the island, such as Roda, where a Doric temple of the classical era dedicated to an unidentified deity was discovered, or Cassiope, where a sanctuary of Zeus Cassius, protector of the ships and the seafarers, was in use.


Inscribed horos (border stone) at the sanctuary of Apollo Pythios 2nd half of the 5th c. BC
Part of a temple’s porous stone pediment with a scene from a symposium. 500 BC The bearded man is identified as god Dionysus
Marble torso of a kouros. ca 530 BC
Porous stone head of a small kouros. 535-530 BC
Marble plinthos with votive inscription on two consecutive sides The dedicator, archigrammateus (head secretary) of the xystos (portico for training in running) from Ephesus, thanks the protector of seafarers Zeus Kassius for saving him at a shipwreck. 2nd c. AD
Bronze figurine of a horse, votive offering from the sanctuary of Hera Akraia at Mon Repos. Late Geometric period
Bronze inscribed votive statuette of a youth. Rachones. Late Archaic-early Classical period

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