The worship of Artemis

This hall is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Artemis. The gigantic pediment of the Medusa Gorgo, made of porous limestone and originating from the temple of the goddess, is the central piece of the hall. This impressive work of Archaic sculpture constitutes an emblematic exhibit of the museum, since it is closely related to its foundation and represents the oldest preserved stone pediment in Greek Art.

The cult of Artemis in Corfu was old and very popular, so the Corcyreans founded in their city already in the beginning of the 6th c. BC a great sanctuary in her honour. At a prominent position within the sanctuary was situated the temple of the goddess, which constitutes an important monument of ancient Greek architecture and one of the earliest preserved specimens of the Doric order.

Τhe pediment was made by an unknown artist, who was clearly influenced by Corinthian art; it was placed on the rear, western side of the temple and was decorated with a sculpted composition. In the centre it is depicted Gorgo, a colossal figure with daemonic features, symbolically evoking Artemis as protector of wild animals. Gorgo is flanked by her children, Pegasus, the winged horse, and Chrysaor. The composition is accomplished with two lion-panthers and Titanomachy scenes.

In the hall there are also exhibited sculptures, architectural elements and other finds from the temple of Artemis and the broader area of the sanctuary as well as clay figurines depicting Artemis, which were found in thousands in an area of the ancient city.

The west pediment from the temple of Artemis depicting Gorgon. ca 590-570 BC
Titanomachy scene (Zeus-Iapetus)
Part of a porous stone slab, possibly of a metope, depicting a fighting hoplite. First building phase of Artemis’ temple. ca 590-570 BC
Inscribed votive stele to Artemis. 3rd c. BC
Terracotta figurines of Artemis from a figurine deposit south of the temple. Late 6th-1st half of the 5th c. BC
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